I am allergic to certain products. What should I do?

​Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate allergies. However, we seek to choose products that are safe and lead-free for use by the majority of customers.

Do you keep the jewelry for the membership fee you pay? 

This is our most frequently asked question and people are always so surprised to find out that the answer is yes!  


What are your products made of?

Our items are sterling silver, gold/silver plated, and stainless steel, the highest quality we're able to offer.

  • Sterling silver jewelry is made up of 92.5% silver and has a small content composed of other metals such as copper.

  • Gold or silver plated jewelry is jewelry made of a base metal (e.g. copper) that has a layer of pure gold or silver applied to the top. Gold or silver plating can fade over time. By taking proper care of gold/silver-plated jewelry, you can extend its life and keep it bright and beautiful. Check Glitz Drop care tips.

  • Stainless steel jewelry can't get scratched easily. They do not change their color, do not rust, and oxidize.


When will I be billed?

Glitz Drop will charge you monthly on the date you signed up.

How can I pay?


We currently accept Paypal and credit/debit card payments.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You may cancel your monthly recurring subscription at any time.


How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription please click here to access the cancellation form. Otherwise, please email Customer Service info@glitzdrop.com

Alternatively, if you used a Paypal account to join Glitz Drop, please go to www.paypal.com

Once you are logged in,  follow the steps below:

Click Profile on the menu bar

Select My money

In the My preapproved payments section, click Update

Click on Glitz Drop from the list 

Next to Status, click Cancel to cancel your subscription

Click Cancel Profile to confirm your request.

How do I cancel any other order?

Any cancellations of standard orders must be done within 24 hours from the time of order to avoid any additional fees or charges. If more than 24 hours have passed and you wish to cancel your order please refer to our return policies for returning the merchandise back to us once you receive it. 

When will my order be shipped?

We ship Monday through Friday. You can expect any order or your first subscription box to be shipped out within 3 business days or less. Orders placed on the weekend and select holidays will be processed on the next business day. Your second box will be sent out on the 12th of each month.

What comes in my Glitz Drop subscription box?


Every Glitz Drop subscription box comes with two, three, or four hand-selected jewelry pieces (depending on Your subscription plan). Our pieces are designed to be worn separately or together. 

Can I shower with my jewelry on?

Our jewelry is not waterproof. Please take care of the jewelry well and try not to shower, swim or exercise with them on.

How do I send a Box of Glitz Drop as a gift?

The billing address should be the same as the address mentioned with your credit card or bank. 

The shipping address is where you want the ordered goods to be delivered. Your shipping address can be different from your billing address.

Can I use more than one discount code at a time?

No, we only accept one discount code per transaction.

Where do I enter a discount code?


Find this area during checkout and enter the code. You can only use one code at a time!

Can I return my order?

Under the Distance Selling Regulations, you have 14 days after purchase to return your item(s) if they are faulty, not fit for purpose, or not as described. Please check our returns policy.